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The Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust

The Trust and its contact details

The Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust, established in 1981, is a registered United Kingdom Charity (No. 283339). The Trust was originally administered by the British Council, and is now run independently,though the British Council provides support of various kinds in the United Kingdom and in Bangladesh. The Trust is managed day-to-day by a Secretary who reports to a Board of Trustees:

Mr Peter Fowler CMG
Dr June Rollinson OBE
Mr Tim Butchard (Secretary)

Contact details:

Tim Butchard
Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust
4, Dorville Crescent
London W6 0HJ
+44 (0)20 8741 0836

Activities of the Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust


Doctoral Bursaries

What they are, and how to apply

Modest grants, usually no greater than £1,000 are offered to final-year doctoral students from Bangladesh reaching the end of their studies in the UK. The criteria for awarding these grants are a combination of academic excellence and financial need. They can be applied for twice a year in advance of meetings of our Trustees in early June and early December. The two deadlines are: 15 May and 15 November. Applicants must complete an application form on-line (available on this site) and submit it to the Trustís Secretary (, together with a full CV, and a supporting letter, also on-line and on headed paper, from the applicantís academic supervisor. The supporting letter should comment on three aspects of the candidate: academic progress and commitment; personality (why the candidate is worth supporting); and financial circumstances (why the candidate needs supporting). Other supporting documentation should be kept to a minimum and CVs should not exceed two pages. Please note that technical information should be presented in language which is intelligible to non-specialists. Please also note that successful applicants for these grants cannot re-apply.


Professional Visits Programme

What are they, and how to apply 

Each year and without specific deadlines, the Trust supports up to five mid-career professional people in specified disciplines needing to visit the UK at the invitation of an established British organisation, such as a public service organisation, a university or research body, or an arts institution. Successful applicants can be financed on visits to the UK lasting between two weeks and two months. The Trustís financial support comprises a contribution of £1,000 towards travel and pre-departure costs, and a weekly stipend in the UK of £375. Beneficiaries of these awards are expected to make all their own arrangements, including accommodation in the UK. The first step in making an application for one of these awards is to send an email to the Secretary of the Trust (, specifying in full detail the content and objectives of the proposed visit, and attaching an invitation from the UK organisation concerned, and a full CV. The eligible disciplines for these awards are the following:

  • Life Sciences and Medical Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Arts and Creative Industries.

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