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The Charles Wallace Burma Trust

The Trust and its contact details

The Charles Wallace Burma Trust, established in 1981, is a registered United Kingdom Charity  (No. 289004). The Trust was originally administered by the British Council, and is now run independently, though the British Council remains a trustee and provides support of various kinds both in the UK and in Burma/Myanmar. The Trust is managed day-to-day by a Secretary who reports to a Board of Trustees.

Contact details:

Tim Butchard
Charles Wallace Burma Trust
4, Dorville Crescent
London W6 0HJ
+44 (0)20 8741 0836

The trustees of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust reserve the right to vary the Trust’s activities and the terms governing them.

Activities of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust

The activities of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust have currently been suspended while negotiations are taking place with a partner organisation about the introduction of new activity.  As soon as these negotiations have been completed, an announcement will be made on this website and on the partner organisation’s website about future programmes to be offered by this partnership.

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