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The Charles Wallace Burma Trust

The Trust and its contact details

The Charles Wallace Burma Trust, established in 1981, is a registered United Kingdom Charity  (No. 289004). The Trust was originally administered by the British Council, and is now run independently, though the British Council remains a trustee and provides support of various kinds both in the UK and in Burma/Myanmar. The Trust is managed day-to-day by a Secretary who reports to a Board of Trustees.

Contact details:

Tim Butchard
Charles Wallace Burma Trust
4, Dorville Crescent
London W6 0HJ
+44 (0)20 8741 0836

The trustees of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust reserve the right to vary the Trust’s activities and the terms governing them.


Activities of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust

The activities of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust are divided into two parts: activity conducted in partnership with the British Council in Burma; and academic grants offered to postgraduate students from Burma studying in the United Kingdom. 


Visiting Fellowships and Visiting Artists

What they are, and how to apply

The Trust’s partnership with the British Council in Burma is at an early stage of development but is focussed on the provision of two programmes: a Visiting Fellowship Programme, and a Visiting Artists Programme.  These programmes aim to enhance and extend the professional skills of the beneficiaries by financing visits of between three weeks and three months to leading institutions in the United Kingdom.  They are aimed at mid-career academics, artists and professionals, normally aged between 30 and 50.  They are not intended to support formal training, nor for short course or conference attendance except as an incidental part of a wider programme. The programmes are advertised from time to time on the British Council’s website  ( Successful applicants for these awards receive financial assistance with their fares and UK visas, and a monthly subsistence in the UK of £1,300.  There are currently Visiting Fellowships available at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, and at the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. For further information about forthcoming recruitment, please contact the Secretary of the Trust (


Academic Grants

What they are, and how to apply

Modest grants of £1,000 or less are offered to postgraduate students from Burma in the midst of their studies in the UK.  They cannot be applied for in advance of the studies commencing in the UK. The criteria for awarding these grants are a combination of academic excellence and financial need.  They can be applied for once a year in advance of a deadline of 1 June, eg shortly before a meeting of our trustees in late June.  Applicants must complete an application form on-line (see and submit it to the Trust’s Secretary (, together with a supporting letter, also on-line and on headed paper, from one their academic supervisors employed by the British university.  The supporting letter should comment briefly on three aspects of the candidate’s application: academic progress and commitment; personality (why the candidate is worth supporting); and financial circumstances (why the candidate needs supporting). Other supporting documentation must be kept to a minimum and CVs should not exceed two pages. 


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